Kelly & Mike | Devon | Garden Wedding

February 27, 2019



I first met Kelly and Mike by chance. I was managing and serving part time at a restaurant in Sherwood Park, my shift was almost over, and they had just come in and sat down at a booth against the side wall. I decided to go over and chat them up for the remainder of my shift (literally 5 minutes).

I walked over, said "hello" and leaned in to get their drink order.  Now, this is where it gets interesting.

I was wearing my long hair down and as I leaned in I forgot that we had lit candles along the edge of the table for ambiance. As I am leaning in, smiling, and being my normal friendly self, I start to smell burnt hair. I think we all clued in at the same time as I jumped back and looked down to see my hair on fire. I frantically start patting my hair and shoulders down, servers are rushing over to me to make sure I am okay, Kelly and Mike are staring at me with horrified expressions, and I am doing my best to not panic/cry/laugh/and remain professional all at the same time. The damage was minimal, though my hair on my left side was now a few inches shorter, the smell of burnt hair permeated the restaurant (delicious and appetizing!) and we are all staring at each other awkwardly.

I can't remember what I said, but at this point I am laughing (maybe a little nervously) and they ask me, "Can we buy you a shot?" I explain to them I am still on shift, but am almost done, that I am going to finish my last duties and then I will come back and we can all do a shot together. I am sure it was as traumatizing for them (if not more!!), as it was for me.  They agree, I walk to the back, and proceed to have a nervous breakdown/mentally slap myself for being such an idiot. At this point, I had been in the service industry for 8 years and had never done something so dumb. But hey, there is always an opportunity to make a fool of yourself! 


We ended up doing a shot together and chatting for a bit. The surprising thing was, they came back! Not once or twice, but frequently, and we never forgot each other!! Over the course of a year I got to know them better and we became good friends. I learned about their lives, they found out that I was pursing wedding photography full time, and we never ran out of things to talk about! In fact, we found out that we were a lot alike. As photography got busier for me I saw them less and less but then one day I received an exciting message - they were engaged and wanted us to be their wedding photographers! I was at another wedding when I received the message, shooting the decor, and literally jumped for joy, not because they wanted us to photograph their wedding, (yes, I was excited about that) but because my two friends were engaged and happy! When Andrew met them, I was not surprised to find out that he got along with them as much as I did. Our consultation meeting lasted 3 hours and we maybe spoke about their wedding for about 10 minutes.  


Their wedding day was absolutely gorgeous, fun, and everything you want from your special day. The girls got ready in a suite at the River Cree Resort and Casino and it started to get emotional (for all of us!) the minute Kelly put on her dress. The guys had a fun morning with Andrew and they kicked it at Kelly and Mike's house in Devon before heading to the ceremony space (the stunning Greystone Gardens Bed and Breakfast). After a beautiful and heartfelt ceremony, we spent some time exploring the gardens before heading off to Kelly and Mike's new favourite place to have a few drinks and relax. Pal's is cute, has good drinks and appies, but I can guarantee you their manager does not light her hair on fire to keep first time customers coming back 😂😂😂


Next, we headed out to the river valley in Devon for the rest of our bridals before heading to the reception for an amazing dinner from Memphis Blues. Following dinner, there were speeches and games. The Shoe Game has become really popular and is a great way to see how well couples actually know each other.  We also got to see some fun game/pranks that Kelly and Mike played on each other. I don't think we have ever laughed as hard as we did during the garter toss before. You have to check out the pictures! Our good friend Taylor Knopp had the dance floor bumping the rest of the night (check out his Instagram for some awesome footage - Knoppweddings - you won't regret it!)



Congratulations Kelly and Mike - I am so glad that we met and became such good friends!! Thank you for having Andrew and I capture your special day!! We wish you both a lifetime of love, laughter, and happiness!! 


Getting Ready Location (Girls): River Cree Resort and Casino 

HMUA: Glam Artistry 

Dress: Delica Bridal 

Ceremony: Greystone Gardens Bed and Breakfast

Caterer: Memphis Blues BBQ

DJ: Knopp Wedding Co 

Reception: Woodbend Community Hall  

Flowers: Costco































































































































































































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Kelly & Mike | Devon | Garden Wedding

February 27, 2019

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