Black & White Portraits

March 29, 2017

There's something incredible about black and white photography; portraits in particular.


Maybe it's the lack of distraction from colour or the focus on physical detail as opposed to color detail.


Perhaps it's the simplicity of it all.


Regardless, we have always loved black and white photos. So much so,  that for nearly every photo we take, we create a black and white version of it.  


There are so many different styles of black and white photos, and each, just like colour styles, create it's own mood and meaning. Sometimes a fade of the blacks give it a vintage feel, sometimes a bump in contrast creates an intense mood, and sometimes just a simple monochrome conversion is enough to say "Wow, that looks amazing."


Black and white can be a powerful tool through which we can shape the reality of our world as viewed by our lens.  There's a certain brilliant aspect of liberating the photo of any colour. Without distraction from colour it's very interesting to see what the eye is drawn to - whether it's detail, or shadow vs light, or emotion.

Here's a few of our favourite black and white photographs from the past few years.

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