Pro Tips to Help YOU Get the Most of Your Boudoir Session

March 6, 2017


Every women (and man) should feel beautiful and confident! Sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something you wouldn't normally do (like a boudoir session) can inspire confidence and help you see just how beautiful you really are. We love it when we see our clients faces after we show them an image from the back of our camera (unedited and not touched-up) and they squeal in happiness, delight, and sometimes even shock. "That's me!?!" 


We often hold ourselves to higher standards and are unfairly over critical of ourselves. That's why it is important to shake things up and see yourself through someone else's eyes (lens).


Here are some tips to help you get the most of your boudoir session!




1. Wear what you feel sexy in, NOT what you THINK is sexy.  Lingerie is great but a t-shirt, over-sized button down shirt, or even a soft sweater can be just as sexy.  You can even incorporate something personal, like his favourite t-shirt. Be creative and let your personality shine through! 




2. Accessorize.  Bring some jewelry, scarves, shoes, and even personal items. We may not use everything during your session but it is great to have the option of adding something unique in. 





3. Drink lots of water before the session - it makes your skin glow! Glossy, shiny skin photographs really well and also brings out your muscle definition and tone. Don't forget to moisturize your skin the day of! 



4. Orange is not in. Fake tanners, spray tans, and fake tanning is not recommend in the days leading up to your session. 




6. The BIGGEST thing you need to know/remember is to...breathe. RELAX. And have FUN! This is about celebrating you. We pride ourselves on creating a relaxed atmosphere that encourages you to be yourself! The best images are the ones where your personality and all those tiny things that make you, YOU, shine through. 








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