Viva La Cuba

April 19, 2016

There's something about Cuba that I can never get enough of. I don't know if it's the smell of the mellow ocean air or the scorching sun beating down on the little slice of paradise. Maybe it's the aroma of rich cigars trickling through the air. Perhaps it's just the humble people that inhabit the land. 


Regardless of whatever it is, every time we travel to Cuba, a little bit of faith in humanity is restored. Though some people may have a different opinion, I've had only positive experiences with our trips to this island. You'll see a lot of things in your travels oversea, but if you haven't been to the beautiful beaches of Varadero or the bustling city of Havana, or watched a magnificent sunset on the top of the mountain in Matanzas, then maybe it's time for an adventure? 


We go to Cuba every year, in what has become some sort of a weird tradition for ourselves. Maybe it's because we really like helping people, or possibly it's the beautiful weather. Perhaps, even, the antiquated structures and way of life is so different from our own that intrigues us. But the older I get, the more I realize that I see a lot of myself in the cuban people and their morals. Una familia grande. Everyone helps another and not out of selfish repayment, but out of genuine love for one another.


One of the reasons we travel to Cuba every year is to donate clothing and skateboards to the youth of the country. Regardless of how great I think the country is, there are some things that make it very hard for the cuban people (though a lot of change is in the works with the country as I write this). They are very limited on what we call "liberties" such as travelling or having enough money to really enjoy the materialistic things we take for granted. But in contrast, they have subsidized majority of the things that we struggle with paying for (Housing, groceries, education, healthcare, etc). So the way I look at it, you can have necessity or liberty, but rarely both; those that have both would rarely share with the rest of the world. 

We left Edmonton once again to embark on another Cuban adventure and now that we are back, we have a little secret to tell you.... On top of Ermita de Monserrate watching that brilliant sunset, I proposed to the most beautiful girl in the world and she said "Yes!" I am so excited and honoured to spend the rest of my life with one of the most amazing people I have ever met, and even more lucky to have been able to ask her in such an unbelievable place.


Cheers to a million more smiles and an amazing life together!
Love you Kelty!















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