Your Life is an Adventure

July 13, 2015

Ever feel like you spend every minute of your day dreaming about being somewhere else? Like maybe you were born in the wrong country, or evolved out of the socialistic norms? Or maybe you just feel like you fit in somewhere thousands of kilometers away? Well, you're not alone, and that's something I think about everyday of my life.


What's really keeping us tied down? Is it because we're in debt? Or maybe because we're afraid to leave our friends and family? Regardless, I think most of all, it's fear. Fear of everything that could go wrong or what we could do wrong. I think as humans we have this habit of always assuming the worst. If we quit our jobs, how can we eat? Who's going to the pay the rent? What else am I going to do for a career? The sad truth is, some of us won't make it that far in life. Some of us might be gone tomorrow and the most tragic part is that most of us are too caught up in the struggles of today, whether they be real or just a figment of your cerebral synapses. We're too caught up in being caught up when most of us just want to


Most of these pictures came from trips where I didn't have the money to do it or really shouldn't be doing it with the money I had. But, nevertheless, I am still here, and with each day that rises I'm glad I spent the money only to have moments that are irreplaceable with the very few people that mean the world to me. To watch the sun dip over a personally uncharted ocean or walk through a jungle and climb Mayan ruins is something that can only be lived, not explained. To go cliff jumping into teal blue waters and snorkeling through a huge coral reef is something that can only be felt, not photographed. To walk through antiquated streets and touch centuries of history is something that could never be put into words, just unparalleled emotion.


Whatever your doing, wherever you are, if you're reading this and thinking about taking some time to yourself, stop what you're doing and go. As black and white as it sounds, sometimes you need to get out of the grey.














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