Diane & Chris | Polish Hall, Edmonton, AB | Vintage Autumn Wedding

December 28, 2015

We met Diane & Chris through a friend of ours. As soon as we met, we knew we would be the perfect match for each other. Through conversations of travelling to different tropical countries, old cars and motorcycles, life, and of course, love, we had seemed to encounter some amazing new people we are now happy to call good friends. You could see the twinkle in each others eyes as they gazed at one another. They have that young kind of love. The fiery and passionate kind. The kind of love only most of us could dream of finding.


The wedding soon came up fast and it was beautiful. Traditional, vintage, breath-taking, pulchritudinous, and harmonious. 5 words that couldn't come close to describing it. The ceremony was simple and full of mellifluent songs. When Diane and her father had started walking, it looked like they came from heaven as they emerged from the bright white light. An angel and her father descended down the aisle until they met the lucky man that he was to give her away to. A handshake and a hug sealed such an action, and her father made his way to his seat; there was that twinkle in Chris' eye again. That same twinkle filled the entire room. You could almost float on top of all of the love. Such an incredible feeling. They sealed their vows with an affectionate kiss and that twinkle in his eye became a spark. It was finally real. They signed their names and continued down the aisle with such endearing animation. We hopped into the old vintage beauties and headed out to a little patch of forest we found by the Army Base.


It was a gorgeous autumn day and the colours were incredible (like they always are in fall). We pulled into a nice little nook of vibrant trees and did some really neat vintage bridal shots. Everything fit like a beautiful puzzle. The car made for some amazing ring shots and back seat portraits. Hours went by like minutes and before we knew it, we were almost late for the reception. Time flies when you're having WAY too much fun.


As we entered the Hall, night was just starting to fall. The elegant table tops were set up in perfect symmetry and string lights danced around the room giving off an ethereal glow which made for some incredible lighting.


The MC, Raul Gurdian, was an up-beat, enthusiastic man from Ecuador with an amazing sense of humor. For minutes on end people were in tears from laughter and almost side splitting cackles would echo throughout the hall. The speeches were captivating and had some history throughout each. Chris' brother, Mitch, always had Chris write his speeches for everything he had to speak at. Obviously Chris couldn't write this one, and after hearing it,  we could never understand why he didn't write his own more often. The speech was endearing, momentous, and probably could have fit right in with the most well known phrenic and intellectual speakers. Natasha, Diane's sister, had a heart-touching speech that brought them both (and the rest of the room) to tears. Diane's father is a pastor and delivered a graceful prayer that joined the two families together, and Chris' father gave a very touching passage. Chris' late mother was remembered by bouquets of delicate yellow lillies and single candles. You could feel her presence in the room and when anyone spoke of her, you could see his face light up as if she were right there with him. You could his reverence towards her and who she was, and it was beautiful.


Once everyone was finished eating their delicious feast of Canadian/Ukrainian cuisine provided by the caterers at Polish Veterans Hall, everyone gathered around the wood-lain dance floor to watch Chris and Diane have their first dance. Their eyes locked and became inseparable. The sparks came rushing back and you could feel it on the back of your neck. Their love is electric and almost contagious. When the song had finished, Chris left the floor and Diane's father took Diane for their traditional dance.


What started as a normal slow dance between father and bride, some up-beat swing music from the DJ, Galloway James, had them kicking off their shoes and start dancing. And I mean dancing like pros. It was an eye-catching display of spins and dips that were so on point, it was movie-like. With a finishing standing ovation, the floor opened up to the rest of people attending. Never in our lives have we ever seen so many people who could dance to almost any dance you could think of. Unknown to us at the time, Diane (and her entire family) have been dancing since a very young age. Footloose started and 30 people hit the dance floor. In perfect synchronization, every person danced on cue to every beat. It was incredible to capture. Throughout the night, various dances from various movies seemed to happen without a hitch. They played a number of traditional games such as the shoes game, and at one moment, Raul asked all the couples to dance until he called the number of years the couples had been married. He finally reached a sole couple who had been together for over 60 years. That is such a rare commodity nowadays. I don't think I've ever been so enveloped in love in my life.


The night winded down and it was time to cut the cake. The cake was designed by Joanie Simard and was black and white fonadant layered 4 times with 3 different types of cake; red velvet, chocolate, and Vanilla. A small figurine with a bride and groom on a motorcycle topped the cake and small black and white fondant flowers wrapped the tower of delicacy.


It was an honour being the photographers that were lucky enough to encapsulate such a wonderful experience and to be lucky enough to have 2 new amazing friends. Good people, amazing environment, and beautiful souls. Cheers.


Congratulations Diane and Chris!






































































































































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