Creative & Unique Portraits

February 18, 2016

We love to photograph weddings. They are amazing, fun, exciting, emotional, and down-right inexplicably beautiful. The moments are irreplacable. So much energy flows through a room from so many people that you can actually feel it. Love fills the air and wraps you up like a warm blanket and you can see the comfort on every single persons face. They truly are incredible events to capture, but in contrast, one of our favourite things to photograph are creative & unique portraits.

The creative portraits that we shoot or create can be done really simple or very complex and time consuming, and convey certain things that we are trying to express artistically or emotionally through visual representation. Sometimes we use lighting to create mood, environment to provoke thought, people to represent emotion, attire to percieve a certain stereotype or image, but whatever it is, we're always having fun doing it.

There's a huge difference between capturing a moment and creating one but both have their pros and cons. No matter what/how you photograph, you're always photographing a piece of that person in the portrait, whether it's headshots, half shots, or full shots, regardless of what they're trying to act out or convey. Every face that graces our lens has a little bit of themselves and their own personal character in their eyes and that's why we love portraits so much. The viewer will see whatever the person looking at the photo sees, it's all personal interpretation, though we have our own perveyance of what we create. Some just see a beautiful girl, other's see a social example. Some people like bright colors, others prefer black and white. It's all personal preference. Some people have no preference and just enjoy the visual stimulation. But whatever we make, it's from the heart. It's from the soul. It's the representation of the things we think or see or even hold valuable in ourselves or society. It's viewing the world from the inside out, not outside in. It's about art and expression. But most of all, it's what makes us who we are.
































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