Mark & Erin | Fort Edmonton Park, Edmonton, AB | Engagement Session

November 13, 2015

Mark and Erin are some of the coolest, most laid back people we've ever worked with. As soon as we sat down to meet them we knew they were going to be really creative and unique, and a blast to work with. We started brainstorming ideas as where to shoot their engagement session and they came up with Fort Edmonton Park. We've never shot there before, so we were, of course, SUPER excited to do the session there. Especially in the middle of autumn when the leaves are painted green, gold, yellow, and red, and the sun has a certain glow to it. They booked the night and we shot literally almost every spot you can think of in only two hours. So much history and culture resonating in the fort that you could almost feel it. Walking through the deserted town could only leave reality up to the imagination, and it was incredible. 


Normally for the first few minutes, couples can be quite shy in front of the camera, but these two were naturals. After all, love is a pretty natural thing and it really isn't that hard to express it. But when you have a camera pointed at you, it's always a little bit different. It seems that some people feel that photos are staged, and we try our very hardest to make sure that even though the pose might be staged, the emotion is genuine. It's our job to convey those feelings into a visual representation, and with Mark & Erin, they made our job very easy. Every time they held hands or kissed, it was picture perfect. Every time they became lost in each other, it was almost surreal. 


We're huge fans of symmetry and how it works on the brain, and everywhere you looked in Fort Edmonton Park, symmetry would cast its irreverent shadow that most people would look right past. But to us, symmetry can pull an entire photo together with just some leading lines and negative space. It's the simple things that can be the most beautiful. The things that most people take for granted or don't give the time of day to envoke their minds with. Those are the things that us, as photographers, are supposed to catch and display. 


So, with all of that being said, here's a few of our shots with this amazing couple in an amazing place.




































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